High-Achieving Ladies…You CAN Have It All!

…stop building your business success at the expense of your sanity and relationships…

Does this sound familiar?

  • Another amazing opportunity has just passed you by because you simply can’t take on one more thing…
  • You feel guilty because instead of watching the movie, you were too busy catching up on emails while hanging out with your daughter…
  • You just polished off half a bottle of wine a cheese plate after another fight with your husband over how much you do to try to manage everything at home and at work, and how you wish he would be more help with the kids. You’re exhausted and sick of feeling like the only one who does everything…

You’re not alone… 

I’ve been there. Managing a business, volunteering at school and church, trying to be the best mom, wife, daughter, boss, friend…my To Do List was ever flowing. I was always saying YES to everything everyone asked of me. I was definitely the Go-To Gal! And why not? I seemed to be able to manage it all. People were constantly telling me how amazed they were at all the things I was able to do. I was a consummate juggler who loved being in the thick of things. I was a High Capacity Woman who proudly wore my Super Woman cape displayed for all to see.

But inside I felt like a total failure. My house was a mess. My health was terrible. As the Centre Director I was responsible for all business operations, training and motivating my staff, and selling programs and serving clients. I was great at helping my clients lose weight and improve their health and lifestyles, but mine was sinking fast. My husband and I both worked crazy hours. Work was most definitely our priority. My mom had raised me to be a career woman and I was living the dream. Great job, nice home, 2 amazing children… or was I?

Every day was filled with pieces of demand from every direction- all under the mask of outward success and busyness.

But inwardly, I felt exhausted, fragmented, unfocused, and dragging!

I was tired of trying to fit in and never feeling like I was enough. I was a crazy, scattered, and copy catting Shannon. I was following all the “experts” advice. I tried to please, to fit in, and become someone else and I totally ignored my own strength and the God-given expertise and experiences, nor honor the season of life I was in. I was a mess

That was 15 years ago. 

Sick and tired of the life I was living, I decided  to change my circumstances.


Just like any high achiever, I had many experiences of ups and downs while I was running 100 miles an hour!

My divine moment started with my coaching practice after I was certified as a life coach in 2006. I knew I had finally found my calling…the thing that God wired me for and equipped me for.

Like me, my clients are mainly High Achieving professionals who expect a lot from themselves and desire a life that involves honoring their faith and their family while being successful in business.

I was rewarded through the fulfillment of seeing my clients’ lives transformed from near burn-out to thriving again in their businesses, careers, and life through applying my SAVVY W.O.M.A.N. framework™!  I knew then that I had found my lifelong mission!

Introducing the My Day, My Way 8 Week Bootcamp!

The My Day My Way 8 Week Bootcamp is a coaching program for Christian women whose business has been their number one priority while everything else falls to whatever time she has left. She feels convicted by her choices and isn’t living the life of success that she used to dream of. She wants to model her reality to align with her genuine priorities of faith and family while continuing to successfully uplevel her business. She is the woman that wants it all.


We will use proven system + tools to identify the unique qualities that make you—the best version of yourself—your most authentic self. 


Once we have discovered the key elements of your blueprint, we can connect the dots to identify the goals you want to achieve in your work or your personal life; and the obstacles that are holding you back. Together we will identify the actions necessary to build the bridge that will equip you to cross the gap from “here” (where you are now) to “there” (your preferred outcome/results).


From Fragmented to focused! We will take what we learned in the first two stages and put the fragments together–releasing what isn’t necessary. In this phase you will be implementing your plans, developing and practicing the positive routines and behaviors that will empower you to embrace your authentic design and achieve your desired results fully.

I primarily work with Christian women entrepreneurs. When I first started working with Shannon, I had just grown my business to a new level of success, and I was struggling to balance business, life, family, and faith. As a Christian, I wanted clarity on how to integrate my faith into my work without “praying on street corners.” Shannon helped me understand my “gifts”… how God created me, and to know how I use them to help other women in their businesses. Now when I see God blessing women tremendously through the work we do together, I find joy, satisfaction peace and comfort.


Everything you get when you say yes today…


  • You will immediately dive in with a strategic exercise to become really clear on what’s most important to you


Module 1: WIRING

  • You will explore your unique Wiring. Self-awareness is the foundation of success. We will unpack your styles in personality, communication, and execution by using proven systems + tools.


  • In this module, you’ll get access to Strengthsfinder, a professional assessment that measures your greatest talents.



  • Then you will evaluate the various personal and professional OPPORTUNITIES you have to determine where you are best able to leverage those talents as well as what needs to be released as it is not serving you well.


  • You will use the Wheel of Life method to assess your personal satisfaction in all areas of life.


  • You will identify what drives you! Your passions, dreams, values. We will also determine what has slowed your down or blocked your momentum related to reaching your personal or professional goals.

Module 4: APPLAUSE

  • Understand how others view you and how you thrive is often overlooked by many high achievers. Another professional assessment tool will be used to analyze how you bring values to your sphere of influence.


  • This is where you look at the best of your experiences, knowledge, and expertise that has brought you to where you are today; and HOW you can grow from here to the next level!


Module 6: GPS PHASE

  • Once you’ve discovered the key elements of your blueprint, its time to connect the dots to identify the goals you want to achieve in your work or your personal life; and the obstacles that are holding you back. 
  • From Fragmented to focused! Based upon what you learned in the first two stages it’s time to put the fragments together–releasing what isn’t necessary.


  • It’s time to identify the actions necessary to build the bridge that will equip you to cross the gap from “here” (where you are now) to “there” (your preferred outcome/results).

By the end of My Day My Way, you’ll be implementing your plans, developing and practicing the positive routines and behaviors that will empower you to embrace your authentic design and achieve your desired results.

So you can be equipped to:

  • Develop your most Authentic Self
  • Maximize your Strengths and Passions
  • Create Personal Success
  • Produce Results that Matter

Plus these bonuses!

  • Personality Assessment $297 value
  • My Day, My Way Template $97 value
  • Prayer / Mindset Pre-recording Audio $347 value
  • Faith-Based Affirmations $297 value

Working with Shannon really built up my self-confidence and helped me to nail down my prices. She also helped me work out a strategic marketing plan, and gave me manageable goals. She’s all about finding your purpose and then coming up with a plan to achieve your goals and holding you accountable. This was HUGE for me! I didn’t even think it was even possible but after just 3 months of working with her I met my initial goals!I tell all my friends that what they really need is Jesus and Shannon!


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Over a decade of supporting women in their lives and businesses, Shannon empowers wonderful transformation through a faith-centered and holistic blueprint with explosive results.

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Shannon cuts through the noise in the online world and makes it easier for women in business to develop the self-managing business of their dreams, while developing rockstar teams and nurturing the passion in their personal lives.

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Find yourself feeling GUILTY over being constantly pulled between your Business and Personal Life?

Is the constant PIVOTING while constructing your “new normal” giving you Whiplash?

Are you READY for change that will truly Support You and your efforts to build a thriving self-managing business?

In this Free Downloadable Assessment, we will:

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  • Talk with me about the path to your balanced and thriving business and personal life 

Your check-up is long overdue, don’t wait!