I am sure you are aware that

As you achieve More, life is not getting easier!

Your high achievement doesn’t make you immune to depression, marital problems, parenting issues, stress, or potential health risks. Unfortunately most people don’t see behind the mask of success; they just don’t get it. The research shows that high achievers are suffering the higher percentages of heart-related health issues if they don’t take proactive actions.


On the other hand, I’m sure you have also heard of this: What got you here won’t get you there- the next level of growth. You have worked hard to arrive where you are now, but the increasing demand from all places: family, team, finance, business, etc. constantly pulls you towards all different directions! You know you need to develop different ways of doing things, a higher level of strategic thinking to grow.

 However, you often feel too exhausted to chase pieces of YOU everywhere you go.


Well, if you have been nodding your head, you are at the right place!

It’s Time for you to shift from being fragmented to focused so that 

you can be armed with clarity, build momentum, and increase fulfillment 

both in business and in life.

The Savvy Woman Christian Business Network

A sisterhood of women with Entrepreneurial Spirits!


We equip, empower, and inspire each other as we Connect our faith with our work, Create positive relationships, and collaborate for mutual success.

Visionary Workshops

Where you can regain clarity, mental white space, and ignite your vision for your business and life!

Savvy Business Blueprint™ Group Coaching for Professionals

Savvy Business Professionals don’t achieve success by accident.
A Savvy Business Professional Knows:

  • Who She/He is;
  • Whom She/He Serves;
  • What Their clients want/need;
  • How They can make a difference;
  • They know what matters most and work hard not to sacrifice their true priorities.

Savvy W.O.M.A.N. Blueprint™ VIP 1-1 Coaching

The Proven Blueprint Transforms You from being Fragmented to being Focused,
So That You Can Create the Fulfilling Success that Matter!

In this Signature Program, I will guide you through 3 phrases of transformation, so that you can:

  • Recognize and move past self-perceived limitations
  • Identify your custom blend of Savviness and Confidence
  • Stay accountable for the things you say are important to you
  • Face future challenges with focus and grace