The Proven Blueprint Transforms You from being Fragmented to being Focused

So That You Can Create the Fulfilling Success that Matter!


WAKING UP fully energized and know you will be making a difference today!

TIME has become your success partner, not the enemy!  It’s because you know how to operate in your Zone of Genius and create optimal results.


NO MORE tiptoeing to the edge of burn out.  


Instead, YOU are enjoying the sweet spot that you’ve established!


In other words: YOU ARE A THRIVING

Savvy woman!

To become a Savvy Woman, you need to be able to: 

Face future challenges with focus and grace

Introducing Savvy Woman Blueprint™




We will explore your unique Wiring. Self-awareness is the foundation of success. We will unpack your styles in personality, communication, and execution by using proven systems + tools.



It’s been proven that when we work in the areas of our strengths, we are most successful. Using the Wheel of Life exercise We will look at what is working for best for you and what needs to be released as it isn’t serving you well.



We will identify what drives you! Your passions, dreams, values. We will also determine what has slowed your down or blocked your momentum related to reaching your personal or professional goals.



Know how others view you and how you thrive is often overlooked by many high achievers. We will utilize professional assessment tool to analyze how you bring values to your sphere of influence. 



“Woman” ends in an N, but knowledge begins with a K, so its Knowledge:) This is where we look at all of your experiences, knowledge, and expertise that has brought you to where you are today; and HOW we can grow from here to the next level!



We will use proven system + tools to identify the unique qualities that make you—the best version of yourself—your most authentic self.  


GPS Phase: 

Once we have discovered the key elements of your blueprint, we can connect the dots to identify the goals you want to achieve in your work or your personal life; and the obstacles that are holding you back.  

Together we will identify the actions necessary to build the bridge that will equip you to cross the gap from “here” (where you are now) to “there” (your preferred outcome/results).




From Fragmented to focused! We will take what we learned in the first two stages and put the fragments together–releasing what isn’t necessary. In this phase you will be implementing your plans, developing and practicing the positive routines and behaviors that will empower you to embrace your authentic design and achieve your desired results fully.



How much does it cost you when you aren’t able to move forward and thrive above because of being stuck in the same old places?!
How much does it cost you when you start losing your edge because you are so overwhelmed with all the things and expectation on your plate?!  

How much does it cost you when you see another opportunity passed you by because you live with no spare margin?!

It’s so pricey that even MONEY cannot buy it!

  • 18 One-On-One Sessions of highly personalized empowerment.
  • Unlimited Email supports during the six months.
  • Professional Assessment tools
  • Unparalleled individualized service and encouragement throughout the time we work together
  • Amazing accountability

So you can be equipped to:

  • Develop your most Authentic Self
  • Maximize your Strengths and Passions
  • Create Personal Success
  • Produce Results that Matter

“I primarily work with Christian women entrepreneurs. When I first started working with Shannon, I had just grown my business to a new level of success, and I was struggling to balance business, life, family, and faith. As a Christian, I wanted clarity on how to integrate my faith into my work without “praying on street corners.”

Shannon helped me understand my “gifts” … how God created me, and to know how I use them to help other women in their businesses. Now when I see God blessing women tremendously through the work we do together, I find joy, satisfaction peace and comfort.

Shannon also helped me through a season of intensive transition.
We just moved our family from WA state to Hawaii, while I was also scaling my business from multiple six towards seven figures. Having Shannon to talk to as I managed changes, built resilience and scaled my business was a tremendous blessing in all areas of my life: business, faith, and family.”

Julie Languille – Facebook Marketing Coach

Shannon has been an integral part of the evolution of my business. I first hired her to facilitate a group retreat for leadership in my organization. We had an absolute blast and every single person in the room walked away with concrete, actionable steps to help them move forward.

I then reached out to Shannon for personal business coaching because although I had a very successful business, it wasn’t a business by design and it was consuming me.

I was hesitant to make a change but she walked me through her SAVVY WOMON Blueprint and that was exactly what I needed to move, over the course of the next year, from running a business I loathed to having a business I absolutely love!

Don’t hesitate to work with Shannon in designing or fine tuning your
own dream business!

Michelle Rankin

“Working with Shannon really built up my self-confidence and helped me to nail down my prices. She also helped me work out a strategic marketing plan, and gave me manageable goals.

She’s all about finding your purpose and then coming up with a plan to achieve your goals and holding you accountable. This was HUGE for me!  I didn’t even think it was even possible but after just 3 months of working with her I met my initial goals!

I tell all my friends that what they really need is Jesus and Shannon!”

Faith Hovde, Glamour Photographer and Wardrobe Stylist