Can you relate to this?

Tired of tiptoeing on the edge of burnout?

Feeling overwhelmed with all the demands made on your time?

Feeling like something needs to change but not sure what?

Feeling frustrated but long to be more focuse?

Who you are
Whom you serve;
What your clients want/need;
How you can make a difference;

As well as
what matters most in your life
So your hard work doesn’t sacrifice your true priorities?

Savvy Business Professionals don’t achieve success by accident!

Identify your custom blend of Savviness and Confidence;

Learn how to operate in your Zone of Genius, and

Create your unique plan to create optimal results in your life and business—

You will begin to Thrive as a Savvy Business Professional!

This 8-Week Virtual Coaching Program Includes

Week 1

INTRODUCTION Discussion about Goals for 2018 and Overview of the program What is a Savvy Professional and why would you want to be one.

Week 2

W—wiring: Personality + Communication style, Strengths/Talents

Week 3

O—OPPORTUNITIES: Should  be in my strengths 80% of my day. What opportunities allow me to do that? What do I need to release?

Weeks 4-5

M—MOTIVES: Values + Passion—what drives me to do what I do? How am I getting those needs met? Why do I do what I do? Steven Sinek says people buy why we do what we do, not what we do. (Time to let go!)

Week 6

A—APPLAUSE: What does my community/clients say about me? Am I hearing them? Am I missing anything?

Week 7

N—kNOWLEDGE: What knowledge and experience has gotten me to where I am today? What do I need to learn/explore to reach my next goal?

Week 8

PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER into cohesive plan, identify the gaps, make action plan to move forward.

Private Facebook Community

WHERE the group can meet between sessions for support and encouragement as well as to ask questions.

What Some Of Clients Is Saying

“Working with Shannon really built up my self-confidence and helped me to nail down my prices. She also helped me work out a strategic marketing plan, and gave me manageable goals.

She’s all about finding your purpose and then coming up with a plan to achieve your goals and holding you accountable. This was HUGE for me!  I didn’t even think it was even possible but after just 3 months of working with her I met my initial goals!

I tell all my friends that what they really need is Jesus and Shannon!”

Faith Hovde, Glamour Photographer and Wardrobe Stylist