Marriage is a Sacred and Serious Commitment.

A savvy couple like you know that it goes way beyond your love for each other, it’s also the beginning of the unity in all areas from both of your lives.  Whether it’s from the PAST, or the PRESENT, or the Future.

Here are the hard facts:

Savvy couples invest themselves for long-term success. 

Week 1 | Relationship Plan

  • Conduct Self Awareness Assessment.
    We cannot fully love others and be loved of we don’t know who we are and how people perceive us.  


  • Identify, Acknowledge, and Understand the dynamic about the key relationships from both families.
    So we can proactively manage our emotion energy more effectively for the long haul.  

Week 2 | Finance Plan

  • Understand each other’s dreams and visions, or any unsolved responsibilities from the past, and the current plan.
    When we are willing to place everything under the sun light, that’s when we have the real power to take control.  


  • Discuss your individual financial management style, and your plan as a couple to move forward.
    So we can proactively steward our resources for the ultimate most growth.

Week 3 | Career Plan

  • Evaluate where you are now, and where you want to be individually.
    The sincere and honest discussion now will not only prevent the potential resentment in the future, and grow stronger together as a couple.   
  • Consider the short, mid, and long-term from here onwards.

    So you can be on the same page, and make the proper decisions each step of the way.


Week 4 | Parenting | Family Plan

  • Recognise and Respect each other’s perspectives.
    This guided heart-to-heart conversation will set an important foundation for your family-to-be.  


  • Be aware of any tradition, practice, history from each other’s backgrounds in this area.
    So you can develop a much stronger parenting dynamics for your child/children.

Week 5 | Personal Growth Plan

  • As a power couple, we want to continue to grow in spirit, mind, and body.
    To keep your “garden” flourishing, you need to keep growing individually just like before you get married.   As you found each other because of the WHOM, you have become so far.     


  • Discuss our schedule, habits and plan to help each other grow. 
    So you can encourage and empower each other to become the true power couple!

Week 6 | Wrap Up With Unity

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